Looking for some Spring Gardening Chores?

Now that spring has arrived are you looking for some gardening chores? If you are like me you have probably been looking out the window itching to get out there are start doing anything in the garden to start feeling like you’re back into the gardening season. For those looking to get a jump start […]

Creating Curb Appeal

Whether you have a new home or you have been in your home for a number of years, creating curb appeal is an important part of your homes features. Curb appeal can: Invite buyers to your home Bring your personality outside Extend your inside style outside According to Landscape Ontario, landscaping your home can increase […]

Common Landscape “Design” Mistakes

When I speak to people about the benefits of landscape design or why I feel so strongly about this important step in the landscape process, I am often asked what I see on sites that has been done incorrectly, or without the proper “know how” that could have been avoided by using the services of […]

Some of my Favorite Gardening Tools

  Seeing that today is a sunny day and the temperatures are breaking above the freezing point, I finally feel like spring is finally around the corner. The snow is finally melting here outside my office in Central Ontario and with that I am frantically trying to find all my gardening “stuff”, so I thought this […]