Growing up in the house of a Landscaper, I developed an early love for the outdoors and plants. When I was about 10 years old, I would draw plans of my dream backyard, in plan view, showing the walkways, shrubs, trees and patios.

In highschool I focused my studies on the sciences along with latin – little did I know how handy this would be in later years. Upon graduation from highschool I was left wondering what to do, when I came across Fanshawe College’s Landscape Design Program and I was instantly drawn to it. I was quickly accepted to the program and started a few months later.

Since graduating from Fanshawe I have completed a Post Graduate Certificate in 3D Design for Design Professionals as well as obtained by Floral Design Diploma. I was awarded my Certified Landscape Designer Status – one of the first 100 people in Canada to receive this designation.

Working on projects with my clients brings me great joy. Helping them creating living spaces for them and their families while working with their style, needs, wants and budgets is both a challenge and a reward. I love seeing the finished product and visiting with my clients afterwards to hear how much they, and their friends, are enjoying their new landscape.

When I am not working on projects for clients I am busy puttering in my own garden, visting garden centers on weekends searching for the perfect and bizarre plants! My garden is an ever changing collection and experiment!

They say gardening is good for the soul and I have to agree. There are days my job doesn’t feel like a job. My clients become friends. Its a wonderful experience!


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