Winter Plant Protection

Landscaping is a big investment and many of your shrubs and trees may need a bit of TLC before the harsh weather of winter arrives. Often as we drive through the neighbourhood we see shrubs and trees wrapped in burlap and you may wonder why these plants are wrapped?

There are three main reasons that plants are wrapped during the winter months:

  • To protect your plants from drying winds
  • To protect your plants from road salt
  • To prevent damage from snow and ice

So how do you wrap your plants? There are two methods that work well depending on the situation and location of your plants:

  • Wrapping the entire plant – burlap can be wrapped around the plants and then secured with twine to protect the plant and support from snow and ice over the winter months.
  • Creating a fence (best when wrapping larger groups of plants or plants that border a building) – to create a fence use 1×2 stakes and build a fence around the plants you want to protect. It is best to put the stakes in the ground before the ground freezes then go back once the weather has turned colder and attach burlap to the stakes to protect the plants.

Jodie Munshaw CLD – Landscape Designs by Jodie Munshaw

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