Splitting Perennials

After a few years perennials tend to become a bit overgrown and leggy, afterall plants are a living thing and therefore require maintenance. Perennials need to have some special attention paid to them every two to three years to keep them looking their best.

Splitting perennials is a relatively simple process and one that keeps these plants in tiptop shape. In simple terms, splitting perennials simply means taking one plant and turning it into two, or three!

Tools Required

  • a spade
  • a knife with a serrated blade
  • a water source
  • a pair of pruners
  1. Ensure that your tools are all clean and have been sterilized (this can be done by using rubbing alcohol on the blades). This step is important so you don’t potentially transfer disease
  2. Dig out around the perennial you are going to split – remember to take as many of the roots as possible.
  3. Remove the perennial from the ground.
  4. Using your hands, carefully part the stems of the plant so you can see the roots.
  5. Using the spade or knife, divide the perennial into two (or more) pieces, cutting through the crown of the plant.
  6. Remove any dead leaves, stems, flowers from the perennial.
  7. Replant the perennial in the desired location.
  8. Water thoroughly.

Fall is the perfect time to split many of your perennials. And remember, if you have too many perennials after splitting, your family and friends are always happy to share in your bounty!

Jodie Munshaw CLD

Landscape Designs by Jodie Munshaw


705 828 2758



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