Five Tips to a Better Lawn


We’ve all done it, walked down the street and stopped to stare with envy at the perfect lawn of a neighbour. That lawn that is the perfect shade or green, weed free and every blade of grass seems to be just the perfect height. You ponder how he does it – well I have some tips to help you start turning heads!

  1. Regular Watering
  2. Fertilizer Program
  3. Mowing
  4. Overseeding
  5. Aeration

#1 Regular Watering – Your lawn needs water especially in times of drought. You may consider installing an irrigation system which you can set to water your lawn at a set time and can skip days when there is sufficient rain, or you can use sprinklers and hoses to water. No mater what method you choose you want to be sure to water early in the morning to avoid mold damage to your lawn.

#2 Fertilizer Program – Feeding your lawn is an important part of it’s overall health. By creating a feeding schedule for your lawn you will help to develop a strong root system which, along with regular watering, will help form a strong root system for your lawn and help fend off pests and diseases.

#3 Mowing – Mowing is an important part of your lawn care regime. Picking a good quality mower is the first step, one mower to consider is a zero turn mower. You should always keeps the blades on your mower sharp, this will reduce the damage to the turf and reduce the chance of disease. Be sure to mow frequently, only ever removing a third of the height and mowing to a height of three inches.

#4 Overseeding – Overseeding your lawn allows you to fill in areas that have been damaged over the winter or by pests and disease as well as allow you to introduce more turf species to your lawn that are drought tolerant. Overseeding is best done in the fall however it can also be done in the spring.

#5 Aeration – Aerating your lawn is the process of creating space in the soil for air and water. You should aerate in the spring or fall before you overseed and can do so using a machine that you can rent from your local rental supply store or using aerating shoes. Aerating also allows the roots of your turf to become stronger and this will provide you with a stronger lawn.

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