Looking for some Spring Gardening Chores?

Now that spring has arrived are you looking for some gardening chores? If you are like me you have probably been looking out the window itching to get out there are start doing anything in the garden to start feeling like you’re back into the gardening season.

For those looking to get a jump start on their gardening to do list, here is a list of items to scratch off the gardening chore list now:

  • Prune trees and shrubs that were damaged over the winter months by ice, snow or rodents
  • When your lawn is dry enough to walk on you can begin raking to remove debris. It is important to wait till your lawn is dry though or you will leave holes in your lawn
  • Once your garden beds are thawed you can remove any leaf debris and old grasses and perennials that were left for winter interest. You can also add in compost or manure to re-nourish the soil for the upcoming growing season.
  • Spend some time in the garage or shed repairing and painting broken furniture and outdoor decor, and sharpening and cleaning blades and tools
  • Start your seeds indoors so they are ready to plant once the risk of frost has passed

Spring is also the perfect time to consult with a landscape designer for any bigger projects you may be tackling this season. Landscape consultations start at $150 and include an onsite sketch. Contact me to book your appointment.


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