Where is Spring?

 No winter lasts for ever. No spring skips its turn. – Hal Borland

Spring officially arrived two weeks and in pouring through photos from the past few years I know that spring does actually show its face before the end of March. This photo from 2012 shows my Crocuses in full bloom this same week yet, as I look out my window, all I see is snow. 

Even with the snow piled in my yard I know spring is on its way, after all a short drive south and grass is to be seen pretty much everywhere, which is reassuring whenever I need a “pick me up”

However there are lots of other signs of spring that I always seek out

  • Spring Home Shows – I’m willing to bet your local community has had or is about to have a spring home show. These a perfect way to get in “spring mode” as everyone is eager to get into spring projects!
  • Garden Centers Are Reopening – after the holiday season many Garden Centres close their doors, now they are all reopening for the season and a quick stop in is bound to get you excited for spring. Smelling the fresh plants and seeing things growing is bound to lift your spirits.
  • Robins and other Songbirds arriving back in the area – their morning wake up calls are music to anyone’s ears!
  • Warm days – as the mercury creeps up the thermometer we can’t help but think that spring is upon us. Those first double digit days get everyone itching to get back in the garden!
  • Seeing the first signs of life in the garden – seeing that first plant push through the soil sells me on the arrival of spring. When I see fresh green in the garden I know that a new season is upon us!!! You’ll often find me out in the garden looking for this sign…and cheering once I find it!

What signs do you look for to signal the start of spring? Leave me a note in the comments!


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