Vacation…and Checking Out the Trees

It’s been a bit since I have had a chance to post, it has been a very busy summer! I just wanted to share a few quick photos from my trip this month to West Virginia.

We were spoiled and stayed at the gorgeous Greenbrier Hotel, which, I had read, is rich in history, golf and interior decorating greatness. What I quickly came to find was that they had some amazing things outside as well. From “Old White” – a 100 year old golf course designed by Charles McDonald, to the lush gardens and the gorgeous infinity pool, it was like eye candy to me 🙂 The hotel also was like a mini botanical garden in that all the trees had plaques naming the tree in both common and botanical name!

I grabbed a bunch of photos but wanted to share these few photos of some of my favorite trees:

I love Flowering Dogwood and use them often in my designs. It was a treat to see these ones, with their fantastic form and covered in fruit (and the odd one sporting a few blooms as well!)

A close-up of the Dogwood fruit. They always remind me of Lychee!

This was a stunning sample of a Japanese Maple. The form, the leaves, it was perfect!

I love London Plane Tree. Looking up into the canopy and seeing the exfoliating bark is just stunning!

This is a tree I don’t see often but it’s shape is a perfect representation of what we refer to as a “vase”. The Green Vase Zelkova. They were speckled across the hotel grounds and were all stunning!

I found this beauty at a gas station of all places on our way out of town. I am a sucker for Weeping Spruce. There is something about the size, the shape, the form…it’s stiff, yet flowing…not too big. It’s a real conversation piece, kinda like your own “cousin it” for the front yard

My question is, when you are on vacation, do you look at things that remind you of home or your job? When I look through my vacation pictures there is a good chunk that are of walkways, trees, flowers, walls…its a natural draw for me…that or an obsession!


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