Kids and Gardening – Fun Stuff at Innisfil Montessori Academy

I love when kids are interested in plants and gardening. When I see visit clients or friends and their children ask me questions about plants or their gardens I am always thrilled to answer them and engage them in the design process. Introducing children to gardening at a young age will help build a love and appreciation for plants and gardening that they will carry on into adulthood and hopefully pass on to their children. Not to mention the many health benefits of gardening – being outdoors, getting exercise, stress relief!

Today I stopped by and visited my friends at Innisfil Montessori Academy and was so excited to see that the classes have been working on learning about plants! A quick peak into the JK/SK classroom and I saw a windowsill full of pots labeled with all different vegetables full of soil and seeds waiting to sprout under the watchful eye of an eager classroom of young budding gardeners! The bulletin boards are full of bright colorful artwork depicting seeds, leaves, and the parts of a plant. The staff at IMA are definitely planting the Seeds of Success with the lessons they are teaching about our plants and environment!

To see more of what the kids and staff of IMA are up to visit their Facebook Page





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