Finally, a sign of spring!


We had a lot of snow here in Central Ontario, a LOT of snow! And it seems like it has been taking forever to melt, as I look out my window I still have alas of my lawn and gardens completely under snow cover.

Today as I looked out my office window I was shocked to see shoots popping out from the ground! Finally, a sign of life! I had been searching for that first sign of spring. Sure I had seen my first Robin and had a whiff of my first skunk, but to a gardener the first true sign of spring is something green emerging from the soil. I will admit, I have been green with envy of all my friends posting photos of bulbs popping up in their gardens over the past month, I was happy when I could see a new level of lights as the snow melted on the Christmas decoration that has been stuck in the snow since December!

It might not be much, but seeing the Daylilies popping up, naturalized along the forest edge was a huge step towards spring. Sure, my Snowdrops that I planted as a “sure sign of spring” are no where to be found, but we have life.


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