What to do in Your Garden in April

As I write this blog topic, I look out my window at a good two feet of snow covering my yard. It is hard to imagine I will be doing ANY gardening tasks this month… However, the temperatures are above zero, the sun has been shining and I know that eventually that my gardens will appear, and they will need some work (okay, likely a LOT of work!)

I’ve already been walking around my yard surveying the damage from winter. I’ve found a few things that haven’t survived (that brown evergreen in the middle of my front yard that has become an eye sore as the snow melts for instance…) but overall, everything I have checked on seems to still be alive (I’ve done the simple green wood test). I’ve also spotted some lawn damage in the few places where the snow has melted, namely over top of my septic bed…mental not to pick up some seed soon to fix that up!


So once the snow melts and I can see my yard again, what should I be prepared to do?

  • Spring Planters – my winter planters are done and I need some life back in my outdoor planters. These need to be changed over to something that will withstand cold nights and warmer days. Nice branches, mosses, vine balls and maybe a few Pansies or bulbs to add a splash of colour!
  • Pruning – this winter was harsh. My first pruning task will be to remove any damaged, dead or diseased wood from my trees and shrubs. Then I will prune those late blooming flowering shrubs to give them some shape.
  • Summer Bulbs – I was shopping the other day and noticed that Summer Bulbs are out already (what?! We haven’t even had spring yet). It’s the perfect time to pick up some Calla’s or Lilies to add to the garden (once the snow melts and the garden becomes workable of course!).
  • Starting Seeds – If you veggie garden (and who isn’t tinkering with that now adays?) then it is the perfect time to be starting your seeds indoors. I’ll admit I always have great intentions…I never seem to actually get the seeds planted though!
  • General Gardening – once you can get into the garden work the soil, pull weeds, remove any left over perennials or annuals from last year. Give it a good clean up!
  • The Lawn” – remember, before you venture out to start working on your lawn, let it dry first. Raking a wet lawn will only cause more damage!

March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. Hopefully April brings a few showers and then May has lots of spring flowers!



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