Highlights from my Visit to Canada Blooms

For me, spring arrives when Canada Blooms comes to town. If you’ve never been to Canada Blooms, it is a garden show for the senses! From the smells of the fresh soils, mulches and of course the flowers to the sounds of everyone talking of the upcoming garden projects and talking plants in every corner to the textures of the foliage and the stones under your feet it is every gardeners dream! I find myself walking aimlessly through the gardens, stopping to chat with fellow designers and landscape industry professionals about the upcoming season, then wandering through the Marketplace checking out all the neat new products and seeds that I know I will never have time to plant!

For once I remembered to take my camera and thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the gardens. If you’ve been following the #CanadaBlooms hashtag on then you have probably seen some form of these however, for those who haven’t…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the children’s garden area they had so many neat things but by far one of my favorite and simple things was the use of chalkboards. They were hung on posts that were integrated into the fence. The sphagnum moss hanging on the fence was a great feature too!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGenoscape always does fantastic gardens and this year they did not disappoint! Their water garden and bridge/dock was fantastic. The rock slab balanced on top of the barn beam pillars was eye catching!

TOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love this mixed use of Junipers and moss!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA great pillar found in the Landscape Ontario garden. I love the mixed use of materials and the untraditional shape


Those tough to plant spaces between rocks can be colourful – here’s proof!!!


This is possibly my favorite display at Canada Blooms…The stream running through the table would make for the perfect place for entertaining…simply stunning!!!


The use of wood in the gardens was very apparent and these chairs were great….now I just need to find some BIG trees!!!


I loved watching people of all ages sliding down this GORGEOUS slide!!!


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