New Fire Pit Idea!

20140308-144132.jpgMany of us love a good fire on a summers evening. For many a fire reminds us of nights at the cottage or the campground roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. A fire stimulates our senses – sight, sound and smell, bringing us into the landscape around us.

The addition of a fire-pit in the garden allows us to enjoy the garden on a chilly summer night as well as extending the outdoor season long into the fall. I’ve even had clients use their fire-pits on Christmas Day!

There are so many ways to construct a fire pit and many materials to use. From natural stone to precast retaining wall systems, to premade fire-pits made of concrete and stainless steel – the possibilities are endless! Not to mention you can have your fire-pit fueled by wood, natural gas and even propane!


I am excited about a new product from DecorPro. They have recently introduced fire-pits to their line of exciting products! Their fire-pits are constructed of heavy gauge steel and finished with an automotive grade epoxy powder coat finish. After repeated exposure to high heat, the finish of their fire-pits will take on a beautiful natural patina. Their fire-pits are made to order so some lead time is required but their quality is fantastic and it is a Canadian company! I am a Certified Sales Associate for Decor Pro and would be happy to answer any questions you have about their products.

NOTE: when thinking of adding a fire-pit to your landscape always consult your local bylaw office

images courtesy of DecorPro


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