Remembering A Visit…

As I sit here watching the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi, I am taken back to my visit to the Centennial OlymFountains_Centennial_Olympic_Parkpic Park on a visit to Atlanta probably close to 10 years ago now.

The park is an amazing space, a great place for people to come together for events as well as to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds. I marveled at the planning that went into the park, how could I not as a designer? The Fountain of Rings is an amazing feature with its computer controlled water jets and lights that dance along with the music that is pumped into the park. The children playing in the park seemed to love this feature and would run and scream as the water jumped from circle to circle, most of these children never been born when the 96 Olympics was on. The bricks engraved with messages of hope lined the sidewalks… It is truly a park to be seen to be appreciated.

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