Pantone Colour of the Year – Radiant Orchid


Each year Pantone introduces a colour of the year…a trending colour…a hot colour…a colour that will be seen in various places such as fashion and home décor. Last year this colour was Emerald Green (such a fitting colour for me as a Landscape Designer). This year the colour is Radiant Orchid.

When I first heard that the colour was Radiant Orchid my mind immediately went to Orchids and thought  of all the amazing colours we see commercials Orchids in and thought “okay so what colour is Radiant Orchid?” Turns out it is a beautiful shade of purple, almost lavender like. It reminds me of Lilacs and Echinacea. Radiant Orchid definitely is a colour we see a LOT of in the garden!

So where else can we use this magnificent colour outdoors, besides the obvious way, as flowering plants? Definitely as an accent colour for pots (think of clay or plastic pots on your patio reflecting in the sunlight in this magnificent hue!). Or as throw cushions on your patio furniture brightening up your living space (that’s the great thing about throw cushions – they can be changed to add new and vibrant colour to a space year after year!). Or how about as your table settings on your patio table? So many options for bringing Radiant Orchid outdoors to enjoy!!!

As for what plants will give you blooms in this colour range? Try Lilacs, Echinacea, Hibiscus, Spiderwort, Allium to name a few!

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