My Gardening Resolutions

So 2014 is upon us and with the start of a new year many of us start the year off with a list of resolutions. I decided this year to make a list of “Gardening Resolutions”

  1. Plant a vegetable garden, even a small one. Every year I have great intentions, but I get as far as picking up a tomato and a pepper plant and they never see soil after that.
  2. Plan a ‘Black and White Garden’. I’ve always wanted a black and white garden, now I have the space to plant one!
  3. Cut flowers and bring them indoors. So often the blooms in our gardens go unnoticed, we walk past them enjoying them for a few moments and the next time we go by they are gone. This year I want to enjoy the flowers more, cutting them and bringing them inside or simply cutting them to put on the patio table to enjoy during dinner.
  4. Plant a tree, or two. Even though we live on the edge of a forest you can never have enough trees. On my wish list a Larix decidua
  5. Only use my pruners for pruning. Perhaps my biggest gardening sin…my pruners get used for everything!!!
  6. Plant colorful planters – all year. Nothing brightens up the outside of your house like colorful planters…I vow to keep mine filled and bright all year.
  7. Keep the lights on! Landscape lighting is the difference between night-and-day in a landscape, keeping the lights on will showcase all that hard work.
  8. Plant for wildlife. Where I live birdfeeders aren’t generally recommended so planting for the birds (and the bees) is on my priority list.

Do you have any gardening resolutions for 2014? Leave them in the comments below!


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