It’s January – I can’t garden now….can I?

So if you’re anything like me, you are looking out the window at two or more feet of snow, and let’s face it spring seems like a LONG way away! So during this month of January, what can we do to quench our gardening thirst?

  • Order seed catalogues! During the cold months nothing gets your more amped up for the spring then flipping through a seed catalogue and making your shopping list for your garden! (Even better is when those seeds arrive in your mailbox!!!!)
  • Grab some books and magazines! Head to the local library, bookstore or raid your friend’s bookshelves and read up on all those gardening topics you have been wondering about!
  • Take a class! Many communities as well as colleges offer general interest courses in various topics including gardening. Pick up a new skill in composting or learn more about roses.
  • Plant an indoor herb garden. If you have a sunny window, try planting a small herb window herb garden. Having fresh herbs to cook with as well as the opportunity to get something “growing” is so therapeutic!

So while we might not be able to get outside and garden in the winter, we can still be in “gardening mode”!

Let me know what you get up to this January. Leave a comment below!


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