Halloween Safety Tips!


Happy Halloween!!!!

Here are some safety tips to ensure visitors to your front door this Halloween have a safe trip!

– clear all leaves from your walkway and driveway. Wet leaves especially can be slippery.
– keep your steps free of any clutter so children, and their parents, can move through with ease. Items such as tippy planters, etc should be moved or set back so they don’t accidentally get pulled or knocked over in the excitement of the evening.
– if you have uneven pavers consider setting out a pylon to avoid someone falling
– if an area of your yard is being renovated, use pylons or safety fencing to prevent someone from accidentally wandering into it.
– turn on your landscape lighting so that potential trip hazards such as rocks, statues, steps, etc are clearly lit. While we love these features in our garden, excited children can cut through an unknown space and fall easily.
– use flashlights in pumpkins to avoid any spills on interlock pavers which can be hard to remove later.
– consider covering sharp shrubs such as Roses or Barberry. Little hands like to touch and these types of shrubs can hurt!


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