October Garden Tips

As our gardening days dwindle away and winter approaches, here are some tips for things to do in the garden in October

overseed your lawn. A healthy, lush lawn means less weeds!
planting bulbs. Add a splash of color to your garden next spring by planting bulbs now!
removing all dead and diseased branches and leaves. This will prevent the spread of diseases to other plants in the garden. Be sure not to add these items to your compost bin/pile.
harvest the last of your veggie garden. Any veggies left in your garden likely need to be brought in and used or preserved. Can’t use them all? Share with friends and neighbors!
deep water your evergreens so that they are hydrated for the winter months. This is one task that is often overlooked as we generally stop watering our gardens when the cold weather strikes, and irrigation systems are normally shut down in October but evergreens need regular watering until the ground freezes.
winterizing your roses and other tender shrubs. Cutting back, mounding up with leaves and covering are just a few ways to protect these tender shrubs.
thin out large, overgrown shrubs. Be careful not to just shear the shrub as this may result in reduced blooming next season as many shrubs have already set bud for the spring.


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