Plant Pick – Dwarf Burning Bush


One of the most striking plants this time of the year has to be Dwarf Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus “Compactus”). Green nearly 90% of the time it is out in leaf, the other 10% or so of the time it is true to its name and a wonderful “burning” red color.

A native to Japan, Korea and China, Burning Bush is a common garden shrub in most parts of North America. It thrives in almost all garden soils and in order to reach it’s full fall color potential should be planted in part to full sun.

While there are no serious disease or pest threats to the Dwarf Burning Bush it is my experience that the local rabbit population likes to snack on them over the winter months. This tends to act as a “natural pruning” and generally doesn’t harm the shrub.

Dwarf Burning Bush can be an important addition to the landscape. Adding vital fall color to the garden. Working with ornamental grasses, late blooming perennials such as Sedums and Rudbeckia as well as with Fall Mums, Kales and other ornamental annuals Dwarf Burning Bush adds a splash of color normally reserved for Sugar Maples and other large shade trees. It’s pinkish-orange fruit is an added benefit of this shrub and will persist into the winter months.

There are many varieties of Dwarf Burning Bush available. They vary in size and color intensity. A visit to your local garden center will help you to discover this fantastic shrub and allow you to bring some much needed color to your fall landscape!


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