Selecting Bulbs

Now that we know how to plant bulbs, selecting which bulbs to plant can be a bit overwhelming. Any garden centre right now has options upon options of bulbs, so how do you know which ones to select?

– are deer a problem where you live? Look for deer resistant varieties such as Daffodil, Squill, Allium and Bluebells
– is the area where you are planting shady? Select bulbs that are tolerant to shade such as Squill, Bluebells and Crocus. (* Bulbs generally do not do well in deep shade)
– want to see flowers early? Try Snowdrops!
– like to attract bees to the garden – plant Allium (Giant Onion), its a favorite of bees, and a strike bloom in the landscape
– Tulips come in so many colors, from traditional reds and yellows to black. There are single and double varieties, ruffled…there is a tulip for every taste!
– try underplanting your Dafodils with smaller bulbs such as Glory-of-the-Snow. The contrast between the yellow and blue can make for a striking planting combo!
– pick a colour scheme. Monochromatic (shades of the same colour), Complimentary (yellow and purple), Cool Tones (Blue, Purples and Greens), etc
– if you like cut flowers select bulbs that make excellent cut flowers in colours that you would like to see in your home.

Whatever you pick, select bulbs that will thrive in your conditions and speak to you. After a long winter seeing those bulbs and the splashes of colour they bring will brighten your soul!



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