Planting Bulbs

Fall is the most common time to plant bulbs – Daffodils, Tulips, Snowdrops, Crocuses and so many more of our favorite springtime blooms get tucked into the earth in the fall to get ready for the spring appearances.

Here are some tips you can use to help make the most of your bulb planting:

– create a plan (even if its only in your head). You likely don’t want everything blooming all at once in one area, so plan your blooming accordingly. Select some early bloomers and mix with some late bloomers. Pick bulbs of varying heights. Plant in rows for a formal look or for a naturalized look, throw the bulbs and plant them where they land.

– planting at the correct depth. Not all bulbs are planted at the same depth. For instance Daffodils are planted among the deepest at 7″ where Crocuses are planted quite shallow, around 3″.

– plant root side down, pointy side up!

– feed your bulbs. Like any plant, bulbs need food too. There are bulb fertilizers available (I’m partial to the Myke line of products)

– protect your bulbs from critters. Squirrels and other critters like to feast on bulbs, protect your investment by sprinkling bloodmeal or Critter Ridder on your bulbs (I use the latter) to deter this behaviour.

– water your bulbs. Again, bulbs are a living thing and need water to start their growth cycle. You should still be watering your garden in the fall, especially your evergreens so be sure to water the areas with bulbs as well.

– have fun! There are so many new varieties and colors of bulbs available, be creative and have fun. If you have extra bulbs left, try dropping a few bulbs where people least expect them, by a mailbox perhaps?!

Photo Courtesy of www.netherlandbulb.com



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