It’s fall, why call on a landscape designer now?

Many people think once fall comes and the days get shorter, the kids go back to school and the pumpkins start to turn orange that automatically the days of gardening are done. All those ideas they had for “building that new garden” or “putting in a pool” or “planting some new trees” or “building a new patio” all have to be put on the back burner till next year. Truth is, fall can’t be a better time to get your landscape work done! Here’s a few reasons why:

– Landscape designers work year round – as long as we can see your yard we can design it, so we are always available to tackle your projects! Giving us a call in the fall to start planning your project is a great time, especially if you are new to your house – you’ve now had a summer under your belt to see how you’ll use the space.

– Plant material is cheap! Most garden centers and nurseries don’t want to over winter plant material so they sell it off at drastically reduced prices. This often means more bang for your buck – scoring larger plant material for what you would pay for small, less mature plants in the prime season. Word of warning – plants in fall may not look like much or might look rough but just remember they are going through their natural growing cycle, and will come back even stronger next year!

– Plants like the combination of warm days and cool nights. Yes, we can plant even if we are getting frost – it’s the tender plants like annuals and tropicals that suffer from frost’s frigid bite. In fact we can plant up until the ground freezes, which in past years has been Christmas Day!

– Contractors are booking for next season now! By getting your plan together now you can book with a landscape contractor and be at the top of the installation list for next season. Once spring comes their installation spots book – FAST!

– Planning now gives you time to digest and save over the winter. If you are simply in the planning stages, having a plan done now gives you time to do lots of research over the winter and allows you time to save for your project come spring!

A properly designed landscape can add tremendous value to your home as well as provide you with countless hours of entertainment and relaxation! A landscape designer should be your starting point when beginning a new project, even if just for a consultation!


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