Splitting Perennials

Splitting Perennials

We’ve all see it, perennials that are overgrown and just lose their shape and interest. Unlike trees and shrubs which

Splitting perennials is a relatively simple process. The following are the basic steps involved:

1. Get your tools – a spade, a knife with a serrated blade and a water source (hose or bucket of water)

2. Dig out around the perennial you are going to split.

3. Remove the perennial from the ground.

4. Using your hands, carefully part the stems of the plant so you can see the roots.

5. Using the spade or knife, divide the perennial into two (or more) pieces. Where possible cut through the crown of the plant.

6. Remove any dead leaves, stems, flowers from the perennial. You can also remove excess foliage which will help prevent the plant from drying out while it is rooting.

7. Replant the perennial in the desired location or place in pot(s) to be shared.

8. Water thoroughly and keep well watered during the first few weeks.


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