September in the Garden

September is here. With that comes back to school for many along with cooler days and nights. We are spending more time indoors and less time outside and in the garden. However, just because we stop being out in the garden doesn’t mean the garden stops needing us.

September is a busy month for gardening activities. Along with the regular maintenance – weeding, watering, etc there are some crucial tasks we want to add to our gardening to-do list. These tasks will help ensure that your garden is at its peak performance next season!

Splitting those perennials. It’s no secret that perennials grow, often doubling in size in the first few years, therefore it is important to split your perennials as they get larger to ensure they don’t become woody and out of control. Learn more about splitting perennials here. Not sure what to do with your “extra” perennials? Try moving them to another part of the garden or yard or sharing them with friends or neighbors!

Do a little lawn repair. If your lawn suffered over the summer months the fall is the perfect time to do lawn repair. Applying seed to your lawn or resodding can be done in the fall and will yield fantastic results! Applying a fall fertilizer to your lawn will also help prepare it for the upcoming winter months.

Switch up your containers. Once the cooler weather hits it is the perfect time to plant fall annuals to add color to containers and to garden beds. Mums, Kale, Millet, Ornamental Peppers and Purple Fountain Grass are great choices for fall containers. For added interest pair them with perennials rich in foliage color or pumpkins and gourds for even more punch!

Peonies!!!! If you’ve wanted to move or split a Peony September is the perfect time. Peonies are especially finicky and prefer the cooler months to be planted, split or moved.

It’s time to plant bulbs. Fall is the time to plant your spring bulbs. In September the garden centers will be full of bulb selections. Try selecting bulbs of varying heights, colors and bloom times to create interest in your garden once the snow starts to melt! Challenge yourself to see how early you can get your first bloom.

It’s not too late to plant! If you procrastinated over the summer, fall is the perfect time to plant. With warm days and cool nights the fall is the perfect time to encourage new plants to take root. An added bonus is that most garden centers offer fantastic deals on perennials and other plant material in the fall!

Sweeten the soil. Adding in some compost to the soil when you are out working in the garden will help to prepare the garden for the spring. Those extra nutrients from the compost will help your plants grow bigger and stronger!


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