A Winter Storm and a Glimpse of Spring!

As I sit here today and work away on drawings for clients, I am listening the the news and weather reports about the current winter storm – the weather map is pretty much all red with warnings. Outside my window, nothing is happening, but by the sounds of it, sooner or later the nice weather is going to leave.

I’ve been singing “April Showers Bring May Flowers” all week and am thinking I might have to change my tune a bit…I’m just having a hard time figuring out what rhymes with “ice”… “April Ice Storms Bring May Life Forms”? It just doesn’t have the same ring.

I think this winter storm has everyone a bit grumpy – we haven’t really seen spring yet. Or have we? Have you taken a good look in your garden? The last few days I have poked around in my front garden and found:

– my Autumn Joy Sedum has been up for weeks – the cabbage-like buds are up through the soil and green as ever
– my Purple Stella Daylilies are standing a good 2-3″ high
– the buds on my Corkscrew Hazel are just starting to show signs that they are wanting to break
– my lawn is greening up
– my Variegated Sedge is starting to perk up and not look quite so flat

even in the shade my Crocuses are starting to bloom!

So I challenge you to head out in your garden and see what is poking up. Lift up a few leaves, squat down and check things out from ground level. You might jusst find spring down there…Someties things are where we least expect to find them and I think spring is one of those things right now…I think spring right about the level where we might accidently kick it with the toe of our shoe!


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