Jodie’s Favorite Landscape Apps – Soil Calculator

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of calling for a soil delivery and the call going something like this:

Joe’s Soil “Hi Joe’s Soil, how can I help you?”
You “Hi, ya I need to order some soil”
Joe’s Soil “Okay, what type of soil and how much do you need?”
You “Um, well I’m planting a garden and it’s kinda big”
Joe’s Soil *snicker* “I’m going to need a bit more information than that”
You “Okay, triple mix and I dunno – 1, no 2 cubic yards”

When the delivery comes you realize that you have DRASTICALLY underestimated how much soil you needed. Now you need to call ol’ Joe back and pay another delivery fee!

I ran across a great app about a year ago that was developed by a local nursery, Solty Garden Centre. Called ‘Soil Calculator’ what the folks at Solty Garden Center have done is take the guess work out of figuring out how much triple mix or top soil, or anything measured in cubic yards for that matter, you need for your next job.

Simply enter in your values of the area you will be working with. The first is the length of the area, secondly the width of the area and lastly the depth of the area. You can work in either imperial or metric.


Once the values are entered on the final screen you will be presented with how many cubic yards of material you will need. The app even converts the cubic yards to wheel barrows if you want to know exactly how much work you will be doing!


An amazing resource! I have it on my iPhone and it has come in handy when working with clients and even working on my own garden!

To download the Soil Calculator visit iTunes.


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