2013 Color of the Year – Bring it into the Garden

emeraldgreenEach year Pantone announces a color of the year. This color is usually then seen in trends in various industries – paint, textiles, fabric and it usually peeks out a bit in  garden trends.

This year the color of the year is Emerald Green. Pantone has a great display of Emerald Green and its uses, products you can buy in Emerald Green and so much more on its website.

When we think of Emerald Green as a landscape plant the first plant that comes to mind is often the Emerald Cedar. However, we must remember there are many other tones and shades of Emerald Green and using these in the garden can create a very nature inspired look.

First let’s think of words that describe Emerald Green. For me the first words that come to mind are: jewel tones, natural, energy, lush and of course “green”.

If you think of tones of Emerald Green there are lots of plants we can add to our gardens. Of course there are plenty of plantsgreen envy with green foliage – and working with tones of green with leaves, needs and grasses can be quite simple. However adding green in terms of blooms can be a bit more difficult. Did you know there are a number of Coneflowers with green blooms including Green Envy, Green Jewel and Irish Eyes? There are also a number of green perennials and shrubs that bear green blooms including: Green Hellebores (Christmas Roses), Green Hydrangeas (Limelight and Little Lime), Spider Mums, Euphorbia to name a few. And for the indoor gardener Orchids!

Other ways to add Emerald Green to your landscape is through your decor. You can add Emerald Green pillows, Curtains or Drapes on your pergola, Emerald Green Planters (think amazing ceramics or shiny new plastic self watering planters), Lanterns, Garden Stakes – so many ways to bring this fantastic color into the garden. Even a coat of paint on the shed door.

So perhaps this year is the year to experiment with the “color of the year”. Add a little “green” to your garden!


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