Wednesday’s Plant Pick – Variegated Solomon’s Seal

abbyladybugsolomonsealThis week’s “Plant Pick” also happens to be the 2013 Perennial of the YearVariegated Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’)

The Perennial Plant Association selects one plant each year to be the “perennial of the year”. These plants are generally not new introductions but rather plants that are tried and true and will grow in a wide variety of climates. The plants are low maintenance and are considered to be pest and disease resistant.

This year’s perennial of the year is Variegated Solomon’s Seal. An easy to grow plant for the woodland garden, it grows best in dappled sunlight in moist soils. The leaves are oval shaped and a rich green with white variegation on arching braches. In June, creamy white bell shaped flowers hang from the branches below the leaves and offer a wonderful fragrance. It is best paired with other woodland plants such as ferns, Hostas and Astilbe.

Solomon’s Seal has long been a favorite of mine for the shade garden. In my own garden I have it growingat the base of a Standard Hydrangea with some small dainty Hostas mingling in. Just after the Solomon’s Seal end their bloom run the Hostas pick up. By fall when the Anemone are blooming the Solomon’s Seal are taking on a fantastic yellow hue! A terrific shade garden plant!

To learn more about the Perennial Plant Association and past perennials of the year visit:

Image Credit: abbyladybug


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